No excuse for abusing staff

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In recent months notices have started to appear at Pennygate Medical Centre, advising patients that a minority of patients are abusing members of staff, and that this will not be tolerated. This behaviour is deplorable.

Every single member of staff at Pennygate will go out of their way to help you, and if you are not happy they will make every effort to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

There is absolutely no excuse for anybody to verbally or physically abuse any single member of this exceptionally fabulous hard working team.

As with any organisation mistakes will sometimes happen, but there is a perfectly adequate complaints procedure that people can use to resolve any problem. Should you feel that you have been treated unfairly and your problem has not been resolved by using the complaints procedure you can approach the Patient Participation Group (PPG) and we will examine your complaint, and take any action that we deem fit. You can contact us through the surgery.

The Patient Participation Group exists to improve the operation of the surgery in favour of staff and patients alike, it should, however, be noted that we can not get involved in medical matters, these things are strictly confidential between doctor and patient and must remain so. I should also point out that we will support the removal from the doctors panel of any patient guilty of abusing any member of staff.

Should you wish to contact the Patient Participation Group you can contact any one of us through the surgery.

Kevin J Dempsey

On behalf of Pennygate Patient Participation Group,

Bridgewater Street,