Negativity gets you nowhere

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I AM completely astonished at Lord Peter Smith’s response to our campaign for “City Status” to be granted to the Borough of Wigan (WEP May 20, 2013).

To quote Lord Smith “There is no chance of this getting numbers to have debate in parliament.”

Is this really the best he can come up with in relation to this ambitious proposal for Wigan, which if successful, would give the Borough a massive boost in terms of economy, civic pride, regional, national and international importance ?

If there was ever a time to support the Borough of Wigan it is now. Wigan deserves “City Status”. It has all the attributes of a city and therefore why should Wigan miss out ?

Lord Smith reckons we will not get the signatures required. As the WEP editorial has said “never say never”.

I can inform Lord Smith the Community Action Party, which is based in this Borough, will be fighting for every single signature over the next 12 months and we urge everyone to sign the online petition “Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council” - so Wigan can fight to become a City.

Michael Moulding

Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

Here we go again!

I am still constantly hearing or reading about all this so-called ‘poverty’, all these ‘destitute’ struggling families who ‘can’t afford to put food on the table’ and sending children to school without breakfast, and can’t (or won’t) pay the council tax, energy bills, home insurance, TV licence etc.

One thing I notice is most of the ‘struggling’ nation always have, won’t do without, and always seem to have plenty of cash for a car.

This country is totally clogged with them. They are everywhere. We even have students who are already up to their eyes in debt, and many of the unemployed all swanning and posing around behind steering wheels. Unemployment benefit is £65 per week, so how can anyone in this situation afford to pay the various bills and run a car?

How do students run cars? They are always moaning that the students’ grant is never enough to live on, and unless mummy and daddy are funding it. How do they do it?

Every year we have the usual ‘motorist moan’ about petrol, insurance etc but very few, if any, ever get rid of that tin can on wheels. They either downsize or carry on. If so there must be lots of motorists with plenty of cash.

In this country the car is ‘king’ and most of the nation simply will not give them up at whatever cost.

Also, many families have more than one car, so how can anyone in their right mind come out with idiotic statements about ‘poverty’ today? This is 2013, not the 1930s when there was real poverty.

Also, along with the car, most of the nation have mobile phones, computers, holidays abroad, Sky TV, broadband, DVDs, Blue Ray etc and a far better quality of life than in the 1930s. We also had a few ‘minor’ problems in the 1940s thanks to an Austrian with a tache and a funny haircut!

This lot today don’t know how lucky they are. Poverty today? Don’t insult my intelligence.

An Old Ashtonian

a non-driver

Policy won’t end recession

Why is the Government deficit inextricably linked to our Foreign Payments Deficit?

Notwithstanding the Coalition Government’s determination to cut expenditure, it is failing to close the fiscal deficit, which is still running at about £120bn a year – about 7.8 per cent of GDP.

The current policy is not working and cuts in expenditure and tax rises are – paradoxically – as likely to increase the Government deficit as to reduce it. Reducing Government expenditure in current circumstances simply causes the economy to spiral.

John Mills, via email