Nation needs a Europe poll

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INTERESTING that the Labour Party have now stated that are not prepared to offer the electorate an in/out referendum on our continued membership of the EU, unless a series of unlikely events occur, after the next General Election.

The Tories, under pressure from their own MPs , fearful of losing their seats to UKIP, have stated that in 2017 they are prepared to offer such a referendum.

Even though Cameron did make just such a promise previously on behalf of the Tories prior to the last election which has never been implemented, which he would no doubt now blame on his existing Coalition Liberal partners.

The problem of uncontrolled immigration, which still concerns the majority of the electorate, many of whom fear for their jobs, will never be resolved until we can regain control of our borders.

Australia has a sensible immigration policy based on what skills their country needs which we are denied, because of our continued EU membership. As a small island the UK cannot continue to allow unlimited EU or worldwide immigration.

E J Tilley