Motorists are a courts cash cow

MY daughter was recently snapped at 35mph in a 30mph limit on an empty dock road. Fair cop I suppose.

She was made aware of the offence by summons through the post.

A busy mother of schoolkids, when a second court letter subsequently arrived, she assumed it to be confirmation of the statutory speeding fine and it remained unopened for a few days. Big Mistake.

Despite having enough vehicle and personal information to issue a named and addressed summons complete with vehicle details the court then charge her with failing to provide details to the police she has incurred the wrath of the court to the tune of £730 in total for a minor speeding offence and an unseen oversight.

Four other poor souls incurred the same penalty at the same sitting. These cases, no doubt, dispensed with in the hour and a tidy £3,500 to jingle in the court coffers and pay the magistrates expenses for a couple of days.

No recourse to mitigation or personal circumstance.

Some other sentences handed down at the same court sitting were : thieving - fined £70 , thieving – conditional discharge, drink driving – fined £100, assault and criminal damage – conditional discharge etc ,etc.

They were obviously smart enough not to exceed the speed limit when being caught. Maybe I should recommend she does a little shoplifting to pay her court dues – certainly a lot easier on her tight purse.

The law is an ass, the greedy beast being fed by the easily targeted and mainly law abiding motorist.

Disgusted parent

South Ribble