More trouble than suggested

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I AM responding to the letter by Coun Kevin Anderson, Wigan Council’s community safety and anti-social behaviour “Report Bad Behaviour” March 26.

I fully support the call made by the Councillor that all incidents of anti-social behaviour in Ashton are reported to the police on 101 and I want to assure everyone any incident that is reported to me by any resident is reported to the police.

However, I am extremely disappointed and not surprised by Coun Anderson’s failure to provide all relevant information regarding anti-social behaviour and crime incidents in Ashton. For example, Councillor Anderson says in his letter that there were only 7 incidents of anti-social behaviour reported/recorded by the authorities in October 2013 that occurred in Jubilee Park.

I do not agree with this information but what Councillor Anderson has omitted is the number of incidents recorded in the WN4 post code during this period at the height of the serious disturbances that occurred at this time.

In January of this year the WEP printed a front page article which correctly highlighted the fact that from September 2013 to October 2013 the number of incidents recorded doubled from 63 in September to 119 in October 2013.

Many of these incidents were in the park, just outside the park and near the park as well as the town centre and other parts of Ashton.

Serious issues remain outstanding and I am absolutely determined the residents of Ashton are not subjected to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Michael Moulding


Ashton Residents Association