Missing plane mystery

REGARDING the vanishing Malaysian airliner, two things come to mind.

Why isn’t every aircraft fitted with a small, floatable (in case it ditches in water) electronic device that breaks away and emits a signal that satellites pick up, pinpointing the position of the incident within 50 metres or so?

In fact these devices would cost less than a cheap mobile phone and you could have one on the end of each wing and one on the tail.

Wreckage in the sea can be many miles from the impact area due to wind and tides, wreckage in the jungle gets swallowed up beneath the canopy.

Secondly, all aircraft are fitted with a device that shows where it is in the sky.

I can track a particular aircraft throughout its flight, I use this when I’ve arranged to pick someone up from the

airport so as not to get caught out by delays.

What reason should there ever be for this equipment to be disabled by anyone onboard the aircraft?

To me this is a stupendously stupid arrangement and no-one can convince me that it is necessary.

Keith Hallam

first Avenue