Mere warnings will not work for drugs

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LAST week but one saw a major step forward when a change of law was promised to make it easier for the police to identify and prosecute drug drivers.

It was the result of a campaign by the family of a 14-year-old girl killed by a driver under the influence of cannabis.

No sooner said, and it emerged that passengers entering Britain through Gatwick, with cannabis in their possession, were being let-off with a warning.

The second backward step came when a juror, taking his lunch break outside Bolton Crown Court, was caught smoking cannabis.

Ironically, he was a member of a jury deliberating over the sexual abuse of a child. He was discharged from the jury.

What will be the end result for this nation if its government continues with its soft approach to drug use?

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Were we watching the same match?

We went to the Wigan Warriors match at Huddersfield on Friday night, where we saw a resounding victory of seven tries to two in magnificent style.

When we got home we watched it again on Sky Plus.

On Saturday we got a Wigan Post to relive the moment. Paul Kendrick wrote a wonderful objective report. However, after reading his account I had to go back to Sky Plus to check we really had won! I could not believe how tremendous Huddersfield Giants must have been!

Allan Reeve.


Why is Malaya heroism ignored?

I have just visited the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester and, with a group of First Battalion Loyal Regiment Malayan Veterans, I would like to put the record straight with regards to what was the most important and greatest conflict fought by this country since the Second World War.

Much to the anger and distress of the many thousands of British servicemen who were in Malaya, this major conflict is ignored by the powers that be.

The only artefact displayed in the War Museum is one solitary communist soldier’s cap. What an absolute disgrace!

In fact it is the only time that a communist army has been defeated anywhere in the world - something that the USA could not manage in the same jungle, just around the corner in Vietnam.

It was the victory that prevented the feared domino effect of communism sweeping through the Asia in the 1950s and 60s.

To put it into perspective, Afghanistan has been ongoing for 11 years and we have lost just over 400 British service personnel. In Malaya, over 11 years, over 500 men were killed.

So why is the truth about Malaya hidden from the general public? Could it be because one of the elite Guards Regiments carried out a notoriously despicable act - one that has been buried by officialdom? Or is it because 75% of the soldiers were on National Service and the professionals prefer to ignore their achievements?

Malayan Veteran Bamber Bridge