Make up your minds

I AM writing to congratulate Mr Bradbury (I won’t use his title as you have earn respect) on his spectacular display of “chucking the dummy out of his pram”.

His Win leaflet delivered at the ridiculous time of 7 am on Sunday June 22 on Hag Fold was the most inane, self-centred and “poor me” leaflets I have ever read from an elected councillor.

It was little more than a vicious but pathetic attack on the Labour party. And why? Because in a democratic election his party was not the winner.

But to understand the leaflet we need to understand what was behind it: Atherton Town Council.

Mr Bradbury last year tried to bring back a town council. He petitioned and triggered a local vote.

At the full committee meeting(which I attended) he claimed that the following consultation of residents wasn’t a true showing of votes in favour.

He claimed that the 90% who didn’t register their opinion one way or the other were actually voters in favour – they just couldn’t be bothered to vote.

Well excuse me I am a resident – I did refuse to sign your petition and I did bother to vote against it.

How about flipping your reasoning on its head and saying the people who didn’t vote were against your petition and didn’t want to give it any credence by taking part in the vote?

Mr Bradbury lost a democratic vote in full committee but again refused to accept the decision.

He should take interest in what Atherton people want and need instead of caring only about what Norman Bradbury wants and needs. I am a resident of Atherton.

I am willing to stand up and say “get a life Mr Bradbury”. there are people in Atherton that know their own minds and don’t need you to tell them why they did or didn’t vote for a town council.


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