Living museum on our streets

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IN our broadband superfast age of telecommunications there are still gems to be found and places where time has stood still.

A time when telephones where hollowed instruments not to be interfered with in any way and if, for example, a telephone needed to be moved from one room to another than a man in a little green Morris van would be called in to do the job.

Vintage telecoms apparatus has a strong following and there are collectors aplenty for items such as glass, porcelain and ceramic insulators once made in vast quantities by manufacturers such as Corning, Pyrex, HG and Co, Brookfield and Hemmingray.

Strange to think the people who make our high temperature transparent ovenware once played their part in the wire highway which brought the telephone into the home and sometimes to the end of the street.

Last evening I came across an old telegraph pole fitted out in the manner of days gone by too yet still providing a useful service locally.

Nice to think the old and the new can still combine adding character to a district and a valuable memory of how things used to be.

Joseph G Dawson

Withnell, Chorley