Let them drink milk

TALK about an over statement! The ITV world cup commentator said, “It is goodbye from Brazil from all the England players as they all prepare to come back to the UK. And this will be the last World Cup tournament for several players.”

I’d say, going by their rather pathetic performance this World Cup will be the last for all of them!

Steven Gerrard couldn’t bring himself to have a shave and Wayne Rooney couldn’t turn on his style that earns him an “over-the-top” wage at Old Trafford.

But this rather dire performance is solid proof that there are far too many foreign players who are playing in the English Premier League and so all we are left with are those very predictable players who are all either Manchester United, Chelsea, or Liverpool players.

Will we ever recapture the form of that brilliant World Cup winning side of 1966? No we won’t. But if we enlist the help and assistance of both Fleetwood Town and Accrington Stanley and force the whole England team to drink more milk it just might work.

Darryl Ashton