Let’s have a win at Old Trafford

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WELL it had to come after 28 years, our proud record of 31 Cup Ties at home and not losing!

Like I said to Phil Wilkinson on the phone last Thursday, Castleford could do the hat-trick of Challenge Cup wins in a row against us and they did, and played very well too: 1983 - Lost 7 - 17 to Castleford; 1986 - Lost 2 - 10 to Castleford; 2014 - Lost 4 - 16 to Castleford.

At no time in the 80 minutes did we look like we could win the match. Castleford had three tries disallowed so the score flattered us! Only Bowen did anything.

Mattie Smith’s too many daft kicks, Gelling and Sargisson are not centres, Farrell wasn’t fit, MacIlorum had one of his walkabout games, Williams needs more time, Manfredi needs to go when he gets the ball, not hold back.

We can’t win every match, just the final at Old Trafford will do. We are still a good team but Castleford came to win and they did. Daryl Powell is an ace coach just like Shaun Wane is.

All is not lost, Old Trafford can be a match we can play and win. All our eggs are in one basket now.

Mr Wayne needs to work out more moves and skills on the training pitch. I think he will

Billy Cunliffe