Learn to share fairly

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CLIMATE change is the biggest threat to mankind, but there is still time to control it – just.

The evidence of global warming is clear, as are the predictions of what will come next. Mankind has made so many mistakes. Wars caused by greed and exploitation, development of nuclear weapons and the huge increased use of fossil fuels springs to mind.

Now at least we have foresight, with evidence and science to understand what is happening. If we can act in time. The problem is immense – to get agreement worldwide to reduce carbon emissions at a time when there is more and more demand for energy.

I can remember during the war, we lived in a remote place where there was no mains electricity or water. So we had a generator. Suddenly there was no petrol.

No one had fridges, washing machines, televisions or computers. We had oil lamps and candles, and a wood fire in one room for heat. This is very much as man has lived for many thousands of years.

Of course no one is suggesting we should live like that now, happy as we were,

But while we develop the production of renewal energy on a much larger scale, let us pause in our drive for more and more growth and more and more possessions based on fossil fuel energy.

If we can learn to share more fairly what we already have, there is a chance that the planet can sustain us.

Philippa Lloyd

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