Just switch off your TV

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I NOTICED a letter in the WEP complained about The X Factor.

The writer suggests the show should be given ‘a decent burial’. Why not simply switch it off instead of watching it and then moaning? This household has banned the three main ‘serial dramas’ and The X Factor has gone the same way.

I personally got sick of ignorant people saying things like ‘I’m going to sing Feeling Good by Michael Buble’ as if he wrote it.

Also these same lazy people obviously not even being bothered to check a song’s history or credentials.

I also got fed-up with the supposedly spontaneous outbursts of ‘emotion’ which are carefully scripted and clearly intended to manipulate an audience that Cowell et al have nothing but contempt for.

The whole process is utterly cliched from every utterance (‘You’re amazing’, ‘This is my dream’, ‘It’s so close I can almost touch it’ etc) to every dance move. Try the True Entertainment channel instead. The Waltons, Highway To Heaven, Little House On The Prairie, what more could you want? And all that morality as well. It does the soul and spirit good.

Terry Maunder

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