Just more excuses

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Dave Whelan’s climb down after manager Roberto Martinez again came up with an excuse for again not winning at home was predictable.

The chairman had said the Swansea game was the worst he had seen Wigan play for four or five years, where has he been? Defeats of 9-1 and 8-0 last season were recorded!

In fact how Dave Whelan expects us to endure the garbage that’s being played week after week is beyond me.

Fans part with their hard-earned cash and rightly expect entertainment, not to watch their team knocking the ball about in their own half for large parts of the game and playing one isolated striker without support.

Wigan Athletic can be considered unique amongst clubs from its roots at Springfield Park and now on much larger scale at the DW for its family friendliness, and Dave Whelan deserves most of the credit for the way he has pioneered this pleasing aspect of the club.

But there comes a time when enough is enough and a change is necessary.

We would have nothing to lose in letting our ex-striker Graeme Jones see out the season, he certainly knows a thing or two about scoring goals!

C Blan,

Season ticket holder.