It’s my own Wigan world

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MY son, like many of his peers, left Wigan years ago to find work in London and returns at regular intervals with increasing evidence that our capital has become a ‘foreign city state’.

We both deplore this but have developed a consoling fantasy that we start a radical group - the Wigan Independence Party with its own parliament, head of state, armed forces, trawlers, mines, banks, education system, farming and industry.

Our first step after declaring independence would be to employ architects and builders to erect a wall around Wigan; not a fearsome wall but a wall of bricks with well guarded exits through which all undesirables could be ejected.

There will be no benefit system inside the wall – all incomes would be capped at a reasonable level, the basic wage would be a living one, and an efficient public transport would be a priority.

The national football team would be based at the DW with a core of players from the present England side. A football league would be introduced with an emphasis on sportsmanship and a total lack of commercialism.

Our new model army would bear a title derived from the proud old regiments that were disbanded, and be superbly equipped.

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