House value tax would not work

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FOR the past 40 years we have lived in an old farmhouse, and if possible, would like to end our days there.

The price we paid for it all that time ago would just about buy you a small family car in today’s money.

Nick Clegg, as part of his drive to make the pips squeak where rich people are concerned, would like to raise tax on houses in which he assumes all the owners are lighting their cigars with £50 notes.

He refuses, however, to define what he means by “rich.”

I would be the first to admit we are not poor, but have a reasonable pension which gets us by in modest comfort, and will stop when we do!

If we were to move and were lucky enough to sell the house - and Lancashire is not like the London property market - the transaction would be clobbered by stamp duty costs.

My disillusionment with politicians of all persuasions and creeds grows apace as Orwell’s “1984” draws ever closer.

Our liberty of thought and action is rapidly being taken away from us as the State and its army of bureaucrats curtails our ability to think for ourselves.

Gordon Garment

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