Hospital is still not clean

Molly the donkey and a delighted resident
Molly the donkey and a delighted resident
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I WAS appalled to read of the death of patients with Group A streptococcus in Wigan Infirmary.

This has prompted me to let you know that cleanliness has not yet been addressed in that institution as, when visiting an elderly patient, we found dried faeces quite visible on the bed cover. The bed had obviously been made and the dirty cover put back. When someone was asked to change this they were told that, as they were busy at that time, attention would be given to this problem later.

The problem was not addressed during the visit. I am reluctant to give individual and ward names until the particular patient is discharged from that environment in case of repercussions.

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What about the cat mess?

I read with interest about Wigan Council clamping down on dog owners that let their dogs foul on public land, and fail to pick up the mess,

That’s all good and well but what about the cats that are roaming about and messing in people’s gardens? Is this not equally as bad for people’s health?

I, for one, am fed up with trying to keep my garden nice, with plants that are quite expensive, only to find them dug up and in their place finding cat mess.

Surely the council should have power to remove cats that are allowed to roam about all day and all night.

I would be interested to hear what the council plans would be to fine cat owners, or if dog owners are the only target.

Steve, Bracken Road

Passing of the safe times

The new Belong developments for more mature citizens seem very appealing and I hope they are around when I get old enough to qualify for an apartment. But isn’t it sad that the community that cared for the elderly in their own homes has vanished?

When I was younger many of my schoolfriends had grandparents living with them or they, like me, went to see grandma and grandad every day. Nowadays families are lucky to live in the same town let alone the same district and many people just don’t feel safe any more.

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Donkey sprung a surprise visit

If we can’t get to the donkeys bring the donkeys to us!

That seemed the case at the Hourigan House Care Home which had a visit from Molly the donkey.

It certainly looked like the residents were enjoying stroking the donkey who must have brought back memories of long ago summer holidays and beaches and donkey rides.

J Thompson


Time to lead by example?

Times are hard and cuts have to be made.

But I am shocked to see that our councillors are not leading by example by cutting their expense bill by at least half.

Some of them claim what is a living wage for their constituents.

And if our councillors were doing the job for love of the town they would put their hands up and they would only claim expenses that are paid out instead of allowances for meetings.

I know they are giving up their time.

But I am sure there are enough people in town who would do it for considerably less than the last few years’ expenses bills. It seems wrong that all the cuts are being passed on to the people of the town.

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