Guided Busway concerns

I would like to express my concern over the proposed guided busway linking Leigh to Manchester.

As someone who travels into Manchester from Leigh along the East Lancs into work, it seems ludicrous that anyone could propose taking away one lane of the East Lancs for this busway – traffic would inevitably be stationary for many hours.

Nor will the busway alleviate the situation for most commuters; as part of my job, I often have to travel around Manchester, which is a fairly large geographic area, with few links from north (e.g. Moston) to south (Wythenshawe). It would be totally impractical and time consuming to use public transport in this situation. Similarly, anyone travelling from further afield into Manchester (from Liverpool or St Helens for example) would be extremely unlikely to want to drive part of the way and then abandon their car for the busway. The alternative proposal of a rail link, which is cheaper, would also have the merit of adding greater flexibility and speed, more links to other towns, and be at a greatly reduced cost.

Having attended one of the meetings held by Mr Tyrell, and written to the various planning departments, councillors and MPs, I also have to say that I am very disappointed that the only one not to offer any reply has been Andy Burnham. If his constituents are expressing an opinion on an important issue for Leigh, which it seems they are, then it should be a reasonable expectation that Mr Burnham at least makes known his own views on the matter.

Margaret Clarkson,


A heartfelt thank you

I wish to heartily thank the people of Tyldesley who so generously gave to our Christmas Collection despite the recession.

The response was typical of the community in that, but for our usual spot at Morrison’s not being available, the collection would have been up to recent year’s totals. More importantly, a new chassis and a refurbished sleigh created the magical delight of Santa once again for the children of Tyldesley.

The magnificent response, even in these trying times, will enable many charities around the district to benefit from the funds raised.

John Goldsworthy

Secretary Rotary Club of Tyldesley.

RAF Music Services

The RAF Music Services Association is looking for new members. We wish to contact any retired and former musicians who served in any of the RAF established bands or orchestras, including the WRAF band and the RAF voluntary bands.

The Association was formed in 1987 as a way for members to renew their friendships with former colleagues. Membership includes a magazine twice a year full of news and reminiscences of the RAF Music Services past and present. Members also have the opportunity to attend the Annual Reunion each summer.

For full details of membership please contact John Dablin on 01296 433763 or by email at

John Dablin.

Tough decisions

I know we are in difficult economic times. But there is one easy decision that could spare a lot of the ‘tough ones’.

A tax on the banks could raise £20bn in the UK to help those hit by the financial crisis in this country and around the world.

For every cut I hear the Government announce I keep asking: could a tax on the banks have paid for that?

The situation we find ourselves in started in the financial sector and we spent £1.4 trillion bailing them out.

We are all paying for a party we weren’t quite invited to. I want to see my MP and leaders start fighting for a tax that would make Robin Hood proud.

Cath Roberts,

Storwood Close,


Memorial shame

Readers’ help needed; I am running a new campaign called Clean2018 to hopefully secure Government funding for the renovation, where necessary, of Britain’s war memorials before the Centenary of the Armistice in 2018.

Details can be found at but I need to illustrate the site with a “Hall of Shame” section showing photographs of overgrown, graffiti-covered, crumbling, unreadable or otherwise neglected memorials.

Photographs may be e-mailed to me at and please include details about the location, the date on which the shot was taken and the name of the photographer, the latter to provide a credit if and when the picture is used. Thank you.

Ray Thompson,

South View Avenue,


Disability Living Allowance

In the comprehensive spending review, it was announced that the government would be removing the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for those people who live in residential care homes.

Disability charities and organisations, such as Mencap, are campaigning against this decision.

We are all very concerned that, as a consequence of this, many people with a learning disability will no longer be able to afford to go out and meet with friends and families, participate in social activities with their local communities.

I believe the government has misunderstood how disabled people use this important benefit.

Without this vital lifeline, many disabled people in residential care will lose much of their independence.

Being disabled is restrictive enough without having a disabled persons right to freedom being taken away.

We’re not criminals or terrorists, we’re disabled.

A Drinnan,

Slaidburn Avenue,