Guide dogs article raises awareness

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I must congratulate MP Andy Burnham and the Evening Post reporter who both spent time walking blindfolded with a guide dog as part of Guide Dogs Week as outlined Evening Post, October 10.

The Evening Post’s Editorial/Our View correctly highlighted the importance of guide dogs and urged Wiganers to support Atherton’s Guide Dogs Training School. “A dog is truely a man’s best friend” but in their experiences Andy Burnham MP says “This has made me think how hard it is for a blind or visually impaired person to get around.”

Many people who live with blindness or partial sighting currently receive additional financial support from government through Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to help pay for additional travel costs that may be required to help them get around.

I hope Andy Burnham is aware that those people living with this “hidden” disability are likely to have their help slashed or stopped by government under the new system of Personal Independence Payments, depending on how the person living with blindness or partial sighting is able to get around?

In view of this I hope he is doing everything he can to ensure blind people still get the financial help and support they need under any new system ?

Michael Moulding

Deputy Leader

Community Action Party

Paws for thought over dog farms

THIS week police in Ireland found dozens of puppies stuffed in boxes in the back of two cars. It’s believed they were bred illegally on an Irish puppy farm and were destined for towns in the UK such as Wigan.

Sadly puppies on these farms are often raised in appalling conditions and can suffer from a range of problems such as mange, ear mites, fleas, eye infections and parasitic infections.

The animals often have little veterinary care and no exercise, stimulation or affection.

Farmed dogs’ mental health is equally likely to be damaged during the crucial early weeks of development. Starving a dog of animal and human contact prevents it being socialised - learning how to relate to its owners and to other dogs.

FOUR PAWS is urging people in Wigan not to buy puppies from the boot of a car or a van, and always to arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeder’s home.

Will Wright,


Take up a Great Vegan challenge

Whether on grounds of compassion to animals, environmental protection or human health, the advantages of a plant-based diet are becoming more widely recognised.

This is where The Great Vegan Challenge 2012 comes in. In November, Animal Aid is inviting everyone to try a plant-based diet for 30 days.

For more information go to or phone 01732 364546

Mark Gold

Vegan Challenge 2012 Coordinator

Animal Aid