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CONGRATULATIONS to Ukip for securing their first MP and just missing out on a second in a Labour heartland.

The best the Tories can do is not fight Ukip on their policies, but use the mantra “Vote Ukip, get Miliband” instead. The only reason the Tories can use this is that under the present system (with the current exception of a coalition government) we are given a choice of a Labour or Conservative government. They take it in turns and as a result largely take us for granted and do what’s best in politicians’ interests, not ours.

What would be fair is, of course, full proportional representation. Then every vote cast actually contributes towards what we the people want. Under full PR, there is no such thing as a ‘wasted vote’.

Research in the marginal seats shows that Labour is as much at risk as the Tories from Ukip. So what I say is “Vote Ukip, get Ukip”. Only Ukip gives us any hope of electoral reform, which is actually the biggest issue in politics as it would guarantee that everyone is heard.

Then the Tories would have to fight elections on policies as opposed to pathetic scaremongering.

Then Labour would not be able to sit back and hope that Ukip will hand them an undeserved victory on a plate.

Phillip Smith

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