Fry humour not for me

IT was a good night for the British film industry at the Baftas, but not for Stephen Fry who hosted the show. He was an embarrassment!

In an ever changing and progressive world, we have learned to embrace a lot of change.

But, Stephen Fry’s supposed humour left me feeling embarrassed as to how low standards of television has stooped. His chosen sexuality is a private matter for him and his partner, not for promoting on a world stage.

For some reason, presenters of shows like this feel it adds something to the overall enjoyment by injecting four letter words into the script.

Surely the producers of shows like this have guidelines as to what is acceptable on television and what isn’t.

Or maybe they don’t and they are to blame for the shocking lack of standards. Maybe it’s me that hasn’t learned to embrace enough change?

Chris Ramus

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