Food advice poses a vermin risk

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I AM quite shocked at reading an RSPB adviser is asking people who garden to leave out tinned dog or catfood, kitchen leftovers and crushed biscuits.

Is this person for real? One would have stray cats etc coming from all around, let alone rats.

I would not want this person living next door to me.

He is as bad as the birdman in Lancaster who got an ASBO for feeding pigeons.

Clean people do have in their gardens, hung up, the proper containers with bird seen inside.

Remind me never to put in any of their charity tins.

Oh, before we forget, apart from cats, rats, seagulls, etc it only needs a pigeon to see this and the rest will follow.

Then this man has mucked up the area where he lives. He also deserves an Asbo.

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