Fighting for our parish needs

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SHEVINGTON Parish Council printed a newsletter which incorrectly portrayed a meeting in September. It did not mention that the residents of Shevington Moor who attended vehemently felt they did not want to be part of Shevington Parish Council.

They felt unhappy at having to pay the precept when their addresses are in Standish and not Shevington. They had been paying the precept for many years and had not seen any investment in the area.

At the meeting, it was acknowledged, that in all the lifetime of the parish council, the only money to be spent in the area was for three concrete planters. The residents asked many questions of the parish but did not receive straight answers and became irate.

An extraordinary meeting was held last week to go through this year’s budget when councillors voted to erect a Christmas tree on the corner of Whiteacre and Forest Drive and to install a couple of dog poo bins (one of which would be around the corner from an existing bin).

I, and Councillors Bridge and Shaw were elected onto the PC last May to fight for people to have a say and we will continue to do so.

We also feel it right that people should be kept informed.

Angie Bland,

via email