Extend order to disperse

I AM writing in response to the article “Call for action as violence returns.”

The success of the Section 30 Dispersal Order makes it apparent that we need this to stay in place for a longer period of time, especially as we are fast approaching Easter and then the summer holidays.

Extending this to the town centre would mean that businesses were protected during the day and not vandalised at night.

I do think the problem of facilities for younger people need to be addressed by the council, especially somewhere they can go in the evening, as this seems to be the time most of the anti-social behaviour happens. Boredom can be a terrible thing for a teenager and lead to behaviour that they may not ordinarily display. I know Ashton very well and have lived here all of my life, so I was very unhappy when I saw that yet another act of vandalism had been done on Friday night to the bus stop.

Young people of Ashton and Bryn need to have more pride in the area that they live in.

In regards to Coun Rampling’s comment in relation to only three reports since the beginning of the year, I can honestly say that this is probably due to residents contacting either the Ashton Residents Association or the Community Action Party instead. I think faith in councillors has been lacking of late, especially when residents have been suffering for so long without action being taken.

Michael Moulding Chair of Ashton Residents Association and Leader of Community Action Party has been in constant contact with the residents of Ashton and Bryn to listen to their complaints and act upon them.

Since the Section 30, Mike has also represented the residents who live around the Gerard Centre where there have also been problems with vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Mike has managed with the help of the site management to alleviate this by requesting that the gates are locked earlier.

Small measures can make a big difference, so I do hope that the council does not reverse the good work done so far. If something is working, why change it?

Catherine Aspey

vice-chair Ashton Resident’s Association.