English votes for English laws

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WHILST most politicians and the media have been concentrating on what Scotland thinks – we in England have once again been ignored!

However now this issue has been decided, we have (at last) finally got the opportunity to get an English parliament that would reflect our views free from interference from Scots/Welsh and Northern Irish MPs – who all of course have long had their own parliaments or assemblies to make their laws, along with unfair extra public spending thanks to Labour’s discredited ‘Barnett’ formula!

To their credit the Conservative part of the Coalition Government have indicated that we in England should receive equal treatment – ie a parliament that reflects our interests! However, the Labour Party (who created this problem!)have compounded this gross unfairness to England, abruptly refusing for their own (undemocratic?)

narrow party advantage to oppose ‘English votes for English laws’ and the establishment of an English Parliament!

Voters in Leigh/Atherton and Tyldesley are faced with an anti-English Labour Party,that treats the English as second-class citizens to those elsewhere in the UK.

Perhaps we should all question our MPs on this vital constitutional issue?

Do local Labour MPs ndy Burnham and Julie Hilling oppose ‘English votes for English laws’ and the establishment of an English parliament?

Bolton West (Atherton) MP Julie Hilling has recently been vigorously campaigning on behalf of Scots and bizarrely Palestinians – yet pointedly is uninterested in her own (English) constituents’ democratic rights.

The English Democrats are the only political party that has campaigned for an English parliament, independence for England and a fairer system of public spending.

Derek Bullock

NW English Democrats

full address supplied