Don’t waste your vote

WITH REGARD to the General Election on May 7, we have two main parties and another five or six who are wanting us to vote for them.

The coalition made many promises to get our votes and almost immediately changed their minds. Over the years they have done what they wanted to do and not what the voters wanted them to do.

To do this, they put the main blame for what happened in 2008 on to the Labour Party. I want to remind voters what happened in 2008. The big banks went bust, along with many associated businesses in the money market.

The Labour Party bailed them out with billions of pounds of government money, so that the people of this country didn’t lose everything they had in housing/savings and their current accounts.

We should have had all that money paid back by the banks by now but it hasn’t been. This coalition changed everything the Labour Party was doing then, which was keeping people in work and still paying tax.

The result of their change is that the deficit needs another five years to get over and in the meantime millions of people are still stuck with wages they had many years ago.

A great number are now on part-time work and we have zero hours contracts.

The result is that benefit payouts have risen and taxpayers are subsidising businesses.

How’s that for our great “worldwide economy” as claimed by the Conservative Party with the still constant help of the Liberals?

The crux of the matter now is that all who can vote should get out and vote, like Scotland did for their referendum. OK so they didn’t gain independence, but at least they all voted to try for what they wanted.

Dennis Birch,

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