Don’t sell family silver

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I WAS always brought up to ensure you paid your debts before outlaying money on expensive or extravagant items – part of the old school I suppose in that if you didn’t have enough to buy something then you’d save up until you had.

It appears the Conservatives have never followed a good housekeeping policy and persist in wishing to spend on uneconomical extravagances instead of clearing their debts – I refer to the billions that have already been spent and the billions that will be spent on HS2.

Following their usual trend of “selling the silver” when in trouble, like Margaret Thatcher did to the detriment of most of us, the Conservatives have already sold off Royal Mail for peanuts, and now apparently they intend to sell off our stake in the Eurotunnel. I despair of those in charge of our destiny because time and time again they prove to have little sense when it comes to balancing the books.

Val Smith