Doctors know they are well off really

It is reported that of the 50% of doctors who voted in the British Medical Association ballot for industrial action in protest against the Government’s pension reforms, there was an overwhelming majority in favour.

Surely the truly overwhelming fact is that half the doctors in Britain did not bother to vote.

Their silence is deafening. It says that they know when they are on to good thing, and that it is perfectly reasonable of the Government to want the highest paid among their profession to contribute more to the NHS pension pot in order to benefit the less well paid.

There is no case for doctors to be exempted from measures that are affecting all public servants.

They, above all others, must realise that because people are living a lot longer, there will not be enough money to go round unless changes are made.

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Tech colleges to play a vital role

The announcement that 15 new University Technical Colleges will be created to train 20,000 young people as the engineers and scientists of the future is a welcome step in the right direction.

The UK needs more engineers and technicians to meet the skills needs of industry.

This need will only be met by providing a range of entry routes, both vocational and academic.

We hope that the expansion of these technical colleges will fill the hole created by the Government’s decision to downgrade the value of the successful Engineering Diploma.

UTCs will be at the heart of achieving improvements to the economy and support a pipeline of future apprentices, technicians and engineers.

However, this expansion must be speeded up to ensure the pipeline doesn’t dry up.

The new colleges will have involvement from around 200 high-profile employers – including household names like Jaguar, Land Rover, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

They will also have significant input from world-class universities, such as Cambridge and Warwick.

Stephanie Fernandes, Institution of Engineering and Technology

A truly majestic head of state

Isn’t Her Majesty the Queen just fantastic?

At the age of 86 she still fulfils so many public duties.

Critics of the Royal Family point to their privileged lifestyle and the fact they cost the taxpayer so much money.

Well none of them chose to be born into privilege.

Thank goodness Britain is not a republic. That would mean even more politicians. God forbid!

Ardent Royalist, Croston