Disgusted by act of mindless vandalism

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I am writing to express my shock at the mindless actions of the yobs who burned down the play area at Ashfield Park in Standish. (Wigan Evening Post, January 14).

The new equipment has only been there for less than a year and it is unbelievable that people would start a fire near to a children’s play area.

Why not dispose of Christmas trees in a responsible manner like the rest of us?

I hope they find who did it and they are given community service to clean the play area and help to re-build it.

Name and address supplied.

Make people pay their way

I agree that cuts to some benefits must happen.

We need to stop huge families by stopping benefits after the third child, except if someone has two sets of twins, then that would be the cut-off point.

Stop benefits for those who have children when they are under 18 and then have more before the age of 20, sometimes to different fathers. The two families involved should pay for these.

While genuine people can’t get work, there are many who choose not to work.

They should have benefits gradually cut to nothing. Make them have work of any kind.

We should also cut help to drug addicts. It is self-inflicted and they and their family should pay for any help, not the taxpayer. The same could apply in some cases for alcoholics.

We should cut overseas aid by 80 per cent plus. This saving can be used to build houses, schools and hospitals, thus creating jobs.

Stop tax relief to millionaires, as this is totally unfair to ordinary people.

Lastly, there are some who are thousands of pounds in arrears in rent, yet they have laptops, mobile phones etc.

Make these people pay their way like the rest of us.

If they won’t do it,put people in who will pay their way.

It’s time we got tough with those who won’t/don’t pay their way.

KM, address supplied

Our grabbing MPs are a disgrace

I noted with disgust that MPs have suggested (in private) a 32% increase in their pay (they are currently on a pay freeze until 2013) and are on a final salary pension scheme, when others in the private sector have lost or are losing theirs.

“All in it together”? “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” springs to mind.

R Sykes, address suppied.

Divorce on cards for coalition

COALITION leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg were stridently delivering the message to the nation that their austerity package is still necessary.

Their marriage is strong, but they continue to quarrel.

Sadly the message lacked detail and mostly glossed over the main issues.

I for one continue to wonder how it will all end, as divorce seems inevitable.

Marjorie Nye, via email