Devaluing pound is not the answer

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I hope anyone one thinking lowering the value of the pound to make the cost of our exports more competitive sounds a good idea will remember our pound has decreased over the years and is at a generally historical low.

In recent years, that has led to our companies and industries being snapped-up at a low price and then moved overseas, along with the jobs and investment.

So, and unlike the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, we have very little left to export and to be affected by a devalued pound. Our main type of exporting, ie. aircraft industry, banking and insurance and, with the way they are structured, would see very little if any exporting benefit from a devalued pound.

However, what a devalued pound would do is to put up the cost of the imported goods. That includes nearly 50 per cent of our food and all the oil and gas imports. In fact everything we import would go up in price along with overseas holidays. Industry would be hit by increased production costs, due to increased energy and transport costs and with energy at the present, being at a premium, would mean virtually wipe-out for any gain achieved.

A 76-year-old Red Rose Lancashire Lad, who’s heard it all before!

No debating gun laws in States

Piers Morgan is a man like Marmite. You like him or you loathe him but for the USA to want to deport him because he spoke his mind about their gun laws beggars belief.

Americans travel the world trying to impose their own ideals of democracy and freedom of speech on other countries but once again fail to practice what they preach at home.

Leaders of the free world?

No way. Time to have a long hard look at themselves before they try to tell others what to do.

Jeff McCann, Hoghton

Hats off to a great television drama

What a great one off drama from the BBC, Loving Miss Hatto was. Written by Victoria Wood and set in the 1950s it followed the story of classical concert pianist Joyce Hatto and her impresario husband to be William Barrington-Coupe and traces their love story over the next 50 years.

A very moving drama with humour and great acting from, Rory Kinnear and Maimie McCoy in the early years and the later years Alfred Molina and Francesa Annis. The skill of Victoria Wood in bringing this story to our television screens proves just how talented of a writer she is.

S Briscoe, via e-mail

Learn a language in the New Year

Ever thought of learning a new language? Why not try Esperanto?

Esperanto is the most widely spoken planned international auxiliary language, which has been in continuous use for over 125 years.

The Esperanto Association of Britain also offers free courses, available by email or by post. Simply do a google search for “learn.Esperanto” or write for “Lesson One” of our free postal course to the address below.

Brian Barker, Station House

Barlaston, Stoke, ST12 9DE