Cynical over politician’s stance

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I WAS interested to read Chris Davies’ article on the imminent lifting of restrictions to the UK for the peoples of Romania and Bulgaria, set to come into effect in January 2014.

Mr Davies seems to have hardened his stance on the matter with some tough talking.

In the past he has done little to support the British people against the increasing interference of the Brussels machine into our daily lives.

I would just like to highlight a few points Chris picks up on. He argues that the principle was never intended to open a benefits door for people who had never contributed to the British system.

He said: “The principle of free movement was established at the birth of the EU in the 1950s, but it was intended then to apply to the movement of workers.”

The European Union’s single market, formerly the common market) seeks to guarantee the free movement of goods, capital, services, and people – the EU’s “four freedoms” within the EU’s 28 member states.

Note the word “people” at the end of the four freedoms, it does not stipulate working people.

Mr Davies knows this all too well as he voted for the Freedom of Movement legislation himself.

Therefore people can move freely across all member states as their right.

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding has recently slapped down David Cameron’s tough stance on the matter, saying you accept all the freedoms or you accept none.

Furthermore, the Bulgarian ambassador has claimed they would not be immigrants to the UK because they are European citizens.

Maybe Mr Davies realises that the British people are no longer prepared to accept the lies and spin sent from Brussels and is looking to cynically engineer himself as the voice of the people just in time for the European Elections next year.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP

Spare a turkey this Christmas

Christmas is often thought of as a time of ‘good will to all’ and ‘peace on Earth’. But for the millions of turkeys killed for the UK’s Christmas dinners it is anything but a time of peace.

Often raised in filthy, crowded conditions and then slaughtered at just a few months old, life for Britain’s turkeys is short and miserable.

And that’s not to mention the geese, pigs and other animals killed for the festive feast. But it needn’t be this way.

There are a wealth of delicious, meat-free alternatives to the traditional Christmas turkey, so why not spare an animal’s life this Christmas and try something new, different and cruelty-free?

You can order Animal Aid’s free booklet ‘Compassionate Christmas’, which includes meat-free festive recipes, by calling 01732 364546 or by emailing

Ben Martin

Animal Aid

Well done Tom Daley

I can only congratulate Tom Daley.

I will be 64 next week. I was 14 when I realised I was gay, 24 before I found enough courage to admit it and 33 before I met the man I was to share my life with until he died in 2006.

If Tom has made it possible for today’s gay youngsters to find the sort of fulfilment, comfort, support and love I found WITHOUT wasting nearly 20 years as I did, he’ll have done them a wonderful service.

Colin Damp

via email