Custody deaths are a national disgrace

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It was recently recorded that 220 people had died in custody in one year. This is a disgrace and was said to be an increase on previous years.

Winston Churchill said that any society should be judged on the way it treats its prisoners.

These 220 deaths are vastly under-publicised. The lids needs to be lifted on the way people are treated when in state custody.

With our prisons bulging at the seams; things are said to be Dickensian in our old Victorian prisons.

The prison service tend to let the cameras in on some modern prisons. So much so, that one BBC Radio broadcaster thinks prison are holiday camps and keep calling for longer prison sentences.

Lets get real and remember the 220 deaths in custody in one year.

M Nottingham,

St Faith’s Street,Lincoln.

Log off Facebook and Twitter

I have always considered myself to be a proud Luddite, but Mr Shepherd has eclipsed me (letters October 15).I do have a mobile phone. My daughter convinced me that it was needed in these days of busted phone boxes and her brother left me his old computer, which comes in handy for something different for Ann to dust.

But believe me Bert, you’re missing nowt with Twitter and Faceache or whatever.

These two obnoxious electronic torture instruments cause more family grief, back biting and downright drivel than anything I have ever come across.

If you have anything to tell somebody, go and tell them rather than leave some petty snidy comment on a screen.

No, Bert, leave them with the kids, they think they are great.

I think they’re awful.

You got a wireless Bert? Maybe we can compare notes?

Allan Fazackerley

Starbucks makes mugs of taxpayer

Whoever stirred things up by spilling the beans on Starbucks non payment of tax, it’s time to take the steam out of the debate. There are no real grounds for criticism of this and other similar companies.

They operate like the financial industry on a different system to the rest of us.

Whereas, PAYE means we have our tax deducted immediately, with no opt outs, their PAYE stands for Paid Abroad You’re Exempt.

To milk the cliches further, I am sure once the froth of complaint has subsided, it will all become a storm in a tea, er, coffee cup!

Denis Lee, Ashton

Get hacker in to run the security

Instead of trying to extradite a person for allegedly hacking in to sensitive US computer data from their bedroom computer in the UK, this person should be offered a job as the head of White House security.

Not prosecuted! The accused could have helped out on the US Presidential campaign elections by taking care of sending out the e-mails, and the text messages!

I wonder what Sergei and Alexand would think of this fiasco?

Well, it’s just a ‘mere’ thought.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool