Crude shop should be taking the rap

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I AM not a prude and I have been known to use words I know I should not but I have recently been truly shocked, so much so I actually complained in store.

I was shopping in a well-known establishment when over the tannoy in the shop at a loud rate of decibels came a rap song full of f-words.

I asked an assistant if my ears were deceiving me and he said sheepishly that no my hearing was perfectly alright.

It was awful to have to listen to and if I was shocked then so must others be.

Well it is time it stopped in stores because there are families with young children in those places trying to instil some kind of standard into their upbringing and whoever chose the muzak was well out of order.

Most muzak piped into shops is bad at any time as it spoils your browsing by impinging on your concentration but to be affronted by crude, rude and foul language in a place where it was least expected is beyond the pale and should stop, period.

No wonder our world has changed if this sort of thing is the norm as it makes parents’ jobs extremely hard to bring their offspring up nicely and to let them be part of an innocent world before they need to grow up.

The songwriters may be pumped up with such rubbish but the majority of the rest of us do not want to be and certainly do not wish it for our children or grandchildren to hear. It no doubt is classed as normal in this day and age but shows and night clubs are the best places for such music, if it has to be endured at all, certainly not in establishments that cater to the public in general.

Christine Cross, via e-mail

Fiasco firm cash does not add up

Following the record medal haul of British athletes at the 2012 London Olympics, can we expect David Cameron to lay the blame for their success, as he usually does, at the door of the previous Labour Government?

Or perhaps not. The generous spirit of the Games has been further enhanced by the £2.5m donation from G4S to the Armed Forces Welfare Funds, as thanks for the personnel who helped them bridge their security fiasco. This works out at about £130 per head for those involved. How much per head does this work out as the share of G4S’s £40m management fee?

Denis Lee, Ashton

Red letter day for lottery winners

Get ready for the begging letters! A couple from Suffolk have won £148m on the Euromillions lottery.

The pair from Haverhill have won the UK’s second biggest ever lottery prize after being the only winners in Friday’s Euromillions draw.

The couple plan to reveal their plans for the future on Tuesday at Down Hall County House Hotel in Essex. They can also bank on a very special delivery courtesy of Royal Mail – in the usual form of begging letters!

Personally speaking – I think going public with their winnings is the wrong choice – their lives will never be the same again or, be their own!

Darryl Ashton

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