Cross isn’t offensive

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I HAVE a cross attached to the back of my mobility scooter which I am proud to display.

The cross reminds me of the passion of Jesus which brings me to think of Gethsemane, the kangaroo trial before Pontius Pilate, and Calvary.

The cross is an emblem of suffering torture and death.

To myself, it is a source of great strength and consolation in times of difficulties.

When I think of what Jesus suffered it makes me feel rather humble.

When my pride soars and sends me into orbit, I think of the pain and suffering Jesus endured on the cross and it brings me back down to earth.

The point I am about to make, why do those who profess to be Christians and non-Christians find it offensive when they see the cross displayed on the back of my mobility scooter?

What harm can it possibly do them?

I also have a cross displayed on the front door of my flat which has obviously upset someone in the immediate area, possibly a neighbour, who has put a nasty note through my letter box.

I have spoken to Muslims and a Sikh and asked them how they would feel concerning the fact I am proud of displaying a cross.

Michael Norris

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