Concerns over road closure

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I am writing in response to the article in the Leigh Reporter (July 21) regarding the closure of Bolton Road in Atherton.

As a mother of two young children and a resident of the estate that Marlborough Road/Upton Road runs through, I would like to express my concerns that at no point in the article was the safety of the estate’s children mentioned.

The estate is home to a great many children who use Upton Road, Marlborough Road and Cumberland Road as their route to school and to the local park.

The local businesses appear to have been consulted about the bridge closure and have been given the opportunity to air their concerns about the impact on trade but no-one has spoken with the residents of the estate and the impact that allowing the estate to be used as a through road will have.

Between entering the estate at Marlborough Road and leaving at Upton Road/Bolton Road, there are four very tight bends.

Residents of the estate are aware of these and know how to judge them. Imposing a weight limit and ‘residents only’ sign will have little or no impact ... drivers will always ‘take a chance’.

Marlborough Road and Cumberland Road are too narrow to be used as ‘main roads’. With residents parking second cars on the roads, even now, only one car can pass at any one time – increase the volume of traffic and there will be accidents and congestion galore.

I appreciate that some drivers will have major diversions and some businesses may take a hit but surely that is better than a child being hit or worse killed by a driver trying his luck ...

I fail to see how anybody could put profits, the distance one has to travel and the time taken to do so before the safety of a child.

Kate Higson


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Ambulance survey needed

The article regarding the closure of Bolton Road, Atherton, raises some interesting questions.

Mr Mark Tilley states “We have no choice”.

Of course there is a choice: Allow residents and emergency vehicles access via Heaton Mount estate.

What he means is that this is the decision that has been made and nothing will change the council’s stance.

Consultation? Seventy residents of Heaton Mount estate surveyed for their opinion 37 agreed to closure.

The views of a few impacting on the many.

The required public notice was posted on a cul-de-sac sign hidden in a resident’s hedge.

I live in Cumberland Road and have done so for 40 years, the width of Marlborough, Mayfair and Upton Roads does not vary yet public transport is allowed along part of Upton Road and onto Springfield, so why ban the use of similar roads to vehicular access?

The impact on ambulances travelling to Royal Bolton Hospital is quite frightening: The number of these vehicles that, on a daily basis travel along Bolton Road with blues and two sounding, is staggering.

Has anyone surveyed the number of ambulances that use this route to the hospital? I think not.

I feel sorry for Mrs Jesani, the owner of the Costcutter store, this facility which only recently opened following the previous business going into administration.

The closure of the road will have a massive impact on the business.

Mike Carter


Car clamp warning

My husband recently picked up an urgently needed prescription for my poorly daughter at 6.30pm then parked at the back of the chemist at Kidglove Road, Golborne. There were no other vehicles on the small car park (apart from a car with flat tyres) at 6.35pm.

He was signing the back of the prescription form when another customer walked in and asked if anyone owned a Vauxhall Vectra as there were two men just about to clamp it.

My husband ran out and shouted at the men to stop – the clamp wasn’t attached properly yet but they ignored him and carried on writing the notice out, taking photographs and putting the clamp on the car. My husband had not been away from the vehicle for more than 60 seconds when the men – who must have been watching the car park, pounced.

They informed him that he now had to pay £80 to remove the clamp.

As my husband wanted to get the medicine to my daughter, he had no choice but to pay. My husband paid by card and then the men removed the clamp. The notice has the time of the offence at 6.37pm. They removed the clamp at 6.43pm, six minutes after writing the notice – because their card machine wasn’t working properly and it took them several attempts to get it working.

There is a small notice attached to a tree on the car park but my husband does not remember seeing it when he parked the car.

I cannot believe that this is a legal practice. The event didn’t even occur during normal working hours. I have written to the council to see if they can help stop this happening to others but I would also like to make sure other people are aware of what’s happening.


(Name and address supplied)