Coalition encouraging UKIP vote

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WHY is it that our politicians are unwilling or unable to speak out about the most worrying aspect of uncontrolled immigration which we are faced with in this country.

We have party leader Nick Clegg and Vince Cable both representing a minute Liberal Party in the present Coalition Government insisting we must not limit immigration. For years Labour prevented reasonable expressions of concern over this issue under the pretext of it representing racial discrimination.

But it is now self evident we have a problem here still unacknowledged by the EU, but which urgently requires our attention.

GB is now the most densely populated country in the world.

If nothing is done to stop this uncontrolled immigration our existing UK citizens will suffer grievously. The previous Labour Government estimated 13,000 Polish migrants would arrive here last time, seeking work, whereas over 1m arrived, causing untold damage to our social, education, hospitals and housing calculations of increase, which is now five times greater than the normal expected growth rate.

David Cameron’s last-minute pathetic effort to prevent new immigrants receiving benefits does nothing to tackle the real problem, we must leave the EU in order to prevent further damage to our country.

More than 63 per cent of the general UK population have expressed grave misgivings about this situation but our politicians continue to do nothing worthwhile, but wring their hands instead of resolving this problem.

It will serve them right if UKIP do win the next election and implement policies which will really address our many problems most of which stem from our continuing membership of this EU undemocratic organisation.

EJ Tilley


Stamp out profiteering

I recently read a headline which said:“Jail for thieving postmen.”

After close inspection, I thought it might have said: “Jail for thieving postal management – and directors, for constantly hiking up the cost of postage stamps!”

I thank God for e-mail!

Darryl Ashton


Switch to vegan diet

Anyone who has not already made their New Year resolution may wish to consider adopting a vegan diet. Not only will it mean that no animals are harmed to produce the food they eat, but it is also very good for human health as vegans suffer less from cardiovascular disease, obesity and certain types of cancer. It’s the ideal way to counteract the gluttony of Christmas.

I would also urge anyone who has pledged to give more to charity to choose only those that do not conduct tests on animals.

A list of these, as well as information on going vegan, can be requested by calling Animal Aid on 01732 364546.

Ben Martin

Animal Aid

Charity food banks praised

Food banks have become a necessary part of our unequal society. I would like to pay tribute to those who run and work for these charitable organisations.

I emphasise not just at Christmas but all the year round. They give the time, and other people donate the food. It is a heart-warming exercise. Some people with lowly paid jobs need food banks.

Max Nottingham

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