Clause 119 a disgrace

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I DOUBT whether most Wiganers are aware of the Government’s new Care Bill, clause 119 of which gives the Health Secretary sweeping powers to force hospital closures over the heads of local communities.

Like me, most people would agree that any decision about a hospital’s future should first be discussed at great length with the clinicians, patients and citizens that use it.

A vote was taken in the Commons on March 11 and regrettably the Bill was passed including the disgraceful Clause 119.

I had already written to our local MP, Lisa Nandy, expressing my great concern and she has replied that she and the majority of her Labour colleagues voted to delete Clause 119.

Clause 119, she adds. demonstrates the clear intention of the Secretary of State to press ahead with a policy that is both unpopular and undemocratic. If Wigan were to lose its A&E, for example, the only option would involve travelling several miles further afield.

Please join Lisa Nandy’s campaign on her website

Alan Berry

Maberry Close