Changes do not go far enough

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I AM responding to your article in the WEP “No more minding the gap” dated March 20, regarding the forthcoming improvements to Bryn railway station.

Despite the fact that £750,000 of public money is being used to improve Bryn railway station and some of the planned improvements are much welcomed, the reality is after all this money people living with disabilities will still be discriminated against by the fact that they will still have enormous difficulties to overcome to use or get onto or off Bryn railway station.

Secondly, despite the indication otherwise by Northern Rail in the article, the people of Ashton and Bryn will still be discriminated by the failure of the Transport for Greater Manchester to compel the train operator to stop at Bryn railway station on a Sunday, the only station to be missed completely on the Wigan to Liverpool line.

While I welcome any improvements to make the station a better experience for public transport users for £750,000 major issues still remain outstanding for the disabled, the elderly and those that want to be able to use public transport on Sundays.