Chancellor needs to rethink fiscal policy

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Our Chancellor still doesn’t appear to have grasped the idea his deep cuts might have something to do with our present double, soon to be triple, dip recession.

Instead he simply plans to cut ever further and deeper. George, when you are in a deep hole stop digging!

One of his forerunners, Nigel Lawson had the nickname of ‘smuggins’. Osborne is giving the expression a whole new meaning!

Incompetence coupled with stupidity is not really a great combination to find in a chancellor, not to mention the obstinacy that refuses to let him admit he has got it badly wrong!

Jeff McCann, address supplied

Tax avoidance is the real scandal

There are more tax dodgers than benefit scroungers in the country. The amount of tax they are failing to pay is massive compared to what is happening with benefits.

Also the vast majority of the money paid in benefits goes straight back into the economy as people need to live.

However, the rich leave it in offshore accounts benefiting only themselves.

Our benefit and state pension system surprisingly is one of the lowest in Europe.

The trouble with our system is it is too easy to claim. If you have not contributed for a year you should have no entitlement to any benefits. Asylum should be treated as the Geneva convention states ie you must claim in the first country you enter, not pick and choose where you live.

armia, via website

Cut benefits for our politicians

Cutting benefits is the best way to turn round the economy. Let us start by cutting the benefits which allow MPs to claim for new toilet seats, kitchen utensils, and travelling expenses.

Many people stay in Manchester and commute daily to London, or stay in a cheap B&B during the week. They do not claim for rail fares, second houses or overnight stays at Claridges.

Hugh W Dunlop, via website

Govt is playing the wrong tune

Once, the government had a welfare which was linked to a pop group’s name. It was called UB40. They have the same policy today linked to government cuts. It’s called... Madness!

Darryl Ashton, address supplied


eed to confront looming crisis

Very soon there will be a time when the traditional energy supplies will be too expensive or not available.

Unless there are some hard decisions made about the building of new power stations, whether gas, atomic or coal, the country will run out and only the rich will be able to afford to keep warm in winter. Low paid and the poor are struggling now.

We could all give up our second cars, big television sets, central heating, air conditioning and so on but that will never happen.


via website