Championship beckons

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Mr Whelan’s blind faith in Mr Martinez means that Wigan Athletic are sleep-walking into the Championship.

The facts are illuminating: (1) Apart from Mick McCarthy, Mr Martinez has one of the worst record of any Premiership manager in history; and (2) Wigan Athletic are bottom of the league with the most goals conceded and the fewest goals scored (in all four football league divisions).

Broadcasters and the press all like Mr Martinez because he “talks-the-talk”, he can find positives when 18,000 fans fail to for appalling team performances like Saturday game against Swansea Town.

When he was appointed as the Wigan Athletic manager he promised the fans that we were going to witness delightful football leading to European competitions! In his three seasons there has been no progress (where it matters most on the field of play). In his first season we survived, in his second season we survived on the last day and in his third season we will be relegated.

The fear on the terraces is that with Mr Martinez remaining as manager there will be no quick return to the Premiership and, with parachute payments running-out in a few years, we will become another Luton Town and we will simply slide down the divisions.

It is already too late to save this season but Mr Whelan must take action immediately if he desires a quick return to the Premiership and to safeguard the long-term future of his/our club.

Mr A Jolley,

Season Ticket Holder,