Catching out crooks

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I HAD a giggle this afternoon at the thought of past police practise and a story told at a Masons’ meeting.

Apparently a certain bobby was doing rather well when it came to confessions saving police time, money and resources – a mystery that was only solved by a slip of the tongue during a moment’s bravado.

It seems the bobby had a secret weapon. A lie detector of the most sophisticated kind.

A huge chunk of a machine that sat in the corner of the police station and to which potential criminals were introduced and asked to place their right hand on.

The bobby then told the individual what the machine was and what it could do and that there would be no escaping the truth. ‘Were you there at the time of the crime’ boomed the bobby smartly pressing a button that promptly shot out an A4 sheet with a bold YES bang in the middle.

Joseph G Dawson

address supplied