Cameron must hold a referendum on EU

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PRIME Minister David Cameron never fails to amuse me with his play acting over our membership of the European Union, teasing the electorate by dangling vague suggestions of holding a referendum – after the next election, knowing that it won’t happen.

He’s using the same old excuses; it’s not the right time, it’s in our best interests to be in it, we will lose three million jobs if we leave, and so on.

Considering we buy more goods from other member states I don’t believe that the EU would stop trading with us.

It would allow us to negotiate world trade agreements without interference from Brussels, reduce red tape and create jobs in the process. The time is right and if David Cameron was truly Eurosceptic he would hold the referendum that around 80% of the British people want.

Philip Griffiths, North West Chairman UK Independence Party

Elderly victims of Coalition cuts

All the problems associated with an ageing British population, could be resolved, I would suggest, by the Government introducing a programme of involuntary euthanasia for all pensioners.

This could be titled YOUR COUNTRY DOES NOT NEED YOU.

At a stroke economic, housing, NHS problems etc. would be a thing of the past, along with 20% of the population of course.

I appreciate this may not meet with universal approval from those affected. However, in a spirit of we are all in this together, perhaps an initial cull from the House of Lords, along with any millionaire or pensioner MPs from next door, could introduce the measure.

If this still did not persuade the electorate, then a U-turn could always be made.

Denis Lee, Ashton

Anger at benefit axe for OAPs

Tory MP Nick Boles has sunk this government to a new low even by their standards.

He wants to put an end to all benefits for pensioners, saying that this country can no longer afford to help them. That means no more free prescriptions, eye tests, bus passes, winter fuel allowance, free TV licenses for over 75s, in fact everything they get, his words not mine! All to be taken away by 2015.

On top of this he wants a further £10bn in benefit cuts and also an end to all help to citizens with long term care costs. Indeed the true face of Toryism! Is this simply a less controversial way of introducing a form of euthanasia?

It seems that John Major was right about his party they are a bunch of b*******s! Wicked and evil doesn’t really begin to describe the likes of this MP!

Jeff McCann, address supplied

What happened to compassion?

David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith have opted out of solving current problems with mass unemployment and welfare.

If the “nasty” Tory party ever went away, they are back with a vengeance new.

Max Nottingham, Lincoln