Businesses need more help

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I AM writing with regards to the Galleries/Marketgate Shopping Centre.

On a recent visit last Wednesday, I noticed that not only have almost all of the shops closed between the Market Place entrance and Scott’s but that the only remaining shop on that level, a gift shop, is closing down.

Despite the fact that they can’t fill one shopping centre, Wigan Council allowed another swathe of Wigan to be lost forever so that another one could be built!

I’m not sure how much is being charged for units, and I am not businessman or entrepreneur of any kind, but even I can see that it would make sense to offer the units at a very low rent for a set number of years and then combine this with low business rates.

This would enable smaller businesses to move in and actually make profit, create jobs and would also fill up the empty rows of units very quickly.

It’s not rocket science and surely anyone can see that getting something for the rental of these units is better than nothing?

Paul Cushion.

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