Bring in the security experts for Olympics

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I feel I have a solution to the Olympic fiasco over security.

Why doesn’t the Government ask for the ex-servicemen of the security industry, of which there are thousands, to contact them on a central number to offer their services to do the security of the Olympics.

We are already trained to check for suspect packages and the checking of vehicles, so we don’t need the training. The companies we work for would have the bragging rights of having staff from their company who worked on the Olympics and we would have staff who are disciplined and well presented... Oh and we would at least turn up for work.

Not only should the G4S boss be sacked but the ministers who are involved in the debacle should be sacked also. Mr Cameron, you should be ashamed of yourself and your pathetic coalition party for making the UK such a laughing stock on the world stage.

The Government should have made use of the SIA, the governing body for the industry who could have checked their register so see who is ex-military and ask them if they would work the Olympics.

Mr SJ Dagger, address supplied

What choice did ministers have?

For those who say security at the Olympics should have been done by government employees, where is the big box of public workers and how are you going to pay for them? And don’t suggest the government could have done better, their project management skills are even worse.

maxi77, via website

Pan pipe music was fantastic

On Tuesday, July 9 in Wigan town centre I listened to the Peruvian Indian pan pipe players. They were fantstic. Does anyone have anymore information about them?

I also wanted a CD of theirs as I was unable to get one on Tuesday, does anyone know where could get one from. Please telephone or text me if you can.

P Abram,

22 Graham Avenue,

Appley Bridge.


M: 0791 065139

Workers need stronger rights

Many NHS Trusts seem set to impose cuts in the pay and conditions of doctors and nurses.

If they don’t accept these they will all be all be given notice and if they then don’t sign up to them by a given date they will be fired. Déjà vu? Just the tactics used by others to fatten up their companies ready for either privatisation or asset strippers. The warning is clear to see!

But look at this another way. If the staff affected hold firm and refuse to sign up, then can they really get away with sacking all their key staff? Where will they find a whole hospital of staff at short notice? Perhaps they plan to call in G4S.

In reality it’s time that employment contracts were enshrined in law, a legally binding contract would stop such poor employers in their tracks.

Jeff McCann, address supplied