Brick by brick

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ALL the major political parties are promising a massive increase in house-building after the General Election, but in the light of the public concerns about immigration, they aren’t saying how these houses will be built.

National recruitment agencies and job centres are not reporting a huge increase in the numbers of UK bricklayers, electricians and plumbers, who will be needed to construct and service this massive programme. So will the politicians make a concession to Poland, Spain and Portugal and Italy, to allow their tradesmen to come to the United Kingdom to deliver this construction programme?

Personally, I cannot see how such a building volume increase is achievable, without encouraging our own apprentices to take up these trades, with a proper training and career development structure in front of them.

So I propose the Lego Option. Promote the use of Lego amongst all of our children and young teenagers and incentivise the manufactures to produce a Duplo Plus version of the toy. Children can start their homes from an early age and can add extra rooms each birthday and Christmas, when the presents arrive. Changing a room when a baby is due will be made so much more simple and you can just move a section to the end of the garden, when the grandparents want a bit more peace and quiet.

Paul Emsley

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