Breakfast clubs a great idea

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I THINK school breakfast clubs are an excellent idea.

It was good to see them being promoted in the Wigan Evening Post on Tuesday and showing the effects on other people if they are not there for children - ie 30 per cent of working parents wouldn’t be able to do their jobs properly.

I’m all for after-school clubs too for the same reason.

Not particularly because I think children should be spending longer in the classroom but because in this day and age of two working parents’ being the norm, it is ludicrous to expect folk either to sacrifice their own careers or annoying their bosses by darting in and out of the office in order to fetch and carry their children in the middle six hours of the day.

I know teachers do a lot of work outside current classroom hours so I am not suggesting they are lazy. But surely it is just as easy to mark homework, prepare lessons and set exams from a desk at a school where before or after-school club children are amusing themselves quietly than it is to dash home at 3pm to do it.

One gripe, though. Why do schools still call parents’ evenings parents’ evenings when many are these days held in the afternoon?

When I was at school they started at 7pm so parents working office rather than school hours had time to get there, rather than have to take half an afternoon off.

It’s only five nights a year for the teachers and it increases the chance of speaking to all the mums and dads rather than just the non-working ones or the ones with lenient bosses who work close to the school.

R Bennett

Hawkley Hall