‘Bias’ jibe is simply a smokescreen

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LEADING up to every general election, you have Conservatives warning the BBC to watch its political bias. It used to be Norman Tebbitt’s job, now it is Grant Shapps who leads the charge.

You usually get letter writers jumping on the bandwagon reporting this so called bias in every programme including the intermission.

The Conservatives aren’t satisfied with having 98 per cent of national newspapers being biased towards them plus independent television bias, as Conservatives want it all. As ITV and Sky shareholders own shares in national newspapers, it is a wonder any other political party get any vote at all.

You even have people living in Surrey calling Yorkshire people daft if they vote other than Tory. Surrey and the rest of the south have had 90 per cent of government money since 2010, the rest of us north of Luton have shared the other 10 per cent.

David Cameron said when the South was flooded: “Money is no object.” Boring Boris Johnson has had billions for London. Bias?

Richard Billups

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