Bad driving no accident

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I TEND to cycle for short journeys, for instance anything up to 10 miles, and especially if I’ve nothing to carry.

But at 5pm on a Friday – with guaranteed aggression, hostility and impatience – no chance.

Did I make a good decision?

In listening to FM radio it was reported that local motorways were gridlocked due to “accidents”.

One involved three vehicles, another four, and a third was multi-vehicle.

The best official estimate of the total number of people killed and injured in road collisions has been calculated at 730,000 each year.

The total cost to the economy is between £15-32bn, with congestion costing a further £4.5bn.

If bad driving (more often than not, law breaking and preventable) wasn’t excused with the term ‘road accident’, how much safer might our roads become?

How many lives would be saved? How much time would be saved? How much money would be saved? How better off would the NHS be?

How many more might cycle? Would it mean an end to congestion?

Say it as it is: ‘A senseless crash.’ It’s not rocket science.

A poll by road safety charity Brake and insurers Direct Line has revealed four out of five drivers want killer drivers to be given longer prison terms.

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