Arrogance of drivers

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I WAS just walking along and stopped at a junction to allow a car to turn in front of me into the side street. Quite clearly visible through his open widow, he was turning the corner – and at some speed – one-handed because he was holding a mobile phone to his ear with the other hand!

The fact that there is a law banning the use of mobiles while driving doesn’t stop these people. The threat of a fine and of points on their licence doesn’t stop them. Not even the fact that they may be putting other people life and limb at risk – despite what they think – doesn’t stop them. So what is going to?

More police on the beat and in patrol cars to see these offenders might help. But also if that is the law and they are breaking it, then what they are doing is a crime and, if they are caught, they should automatically end up with a criminal record given that, as with drinking and driving, it is a serious offence. Might the consequences of that stop them or are they even that arrogant?

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