Are we just pies in the Sky for pundits?

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I have just watched Wigan Warriors demolish Catalan Dragons, without two of their best players, on Sky.

After the game, with three ex-Wigan players in the studio, all the talk was about how poor Catalan were, not how good Wigan were.

Eddie Hemmings has got them so worried about not appearing biased that they cannot praise Wigan even when they were totally dominant.

It is shameful.

Dennis, Coppull.

Bill will hit rights of all workers

There is a bill going before Parliament namely the Enterprise and Regulatory Bill which has a dangerous sting in its tail.

It is a blatant attack upon working people and charter for employers to bully, sack people without any valid reason and undermine the dignity of workers. The people most at risk will be low paid workers and vulnerable people.

The bill will remove many of our fundamental working rights and will create barriers which will make it more challenging for people to access justice if they have been the victim of unfair treatment within the workplace. The bill also lowers the compensation working people can receive and in doing so it introduces settlement agreements facilitating employers to offer employees money to leave. Employees who reject such a settlement agreement will not be able to use the discussion when giving evidence in an employment tribunal. To add insult to injury the Government is going to start charging fees for employment tribunals. This bill will hit many working people within our district in terms of their working rights. I urge people who are concerned about protecting their employment rights to write to your MP as soon as possible. The bill goes before Parliament in a few weeks time.

David Whitaker, Lancaster

Cannabis - big business

Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, Andy Wards, has hit the nail on the head after linking the growth of the cannabis trade in the North West with an increase in gang violence and gun crime.

Sentences for cannabis, a Class B drug, are far too lenient, providing cultivators and dealers with an opportunity to take the risk of getting involved with the drugs trade knowing that if caught, their punishment will be light compared to other drugs.

With more than 5,000 cannabis factories discovered in the region in the last three years, it is clear that without appropriate sentencing, gang involvement in cannabis, and the violence associated with it, will only increase.

Cannabis growing and supplying is big business for gangs who are making a fortune out of the addiction and dependency of others.

I agree with Mr Wards’s view that sentences for those involved in the cannabis trade should be made a lot tougher to discourage would-be criminals from getting involved in the first place.

Paul Nuttall,

UKIP North West MEP.